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    i&#039;m sending a commen mail to multiple user from my asp page.the addresses are stored in a text file which i&#039;m reading thru FSO . <BR>it reads all the e-mail addresses together and display all of them in TO field.but i want that addresses should appear one by one after the mail to the previous address has been sent i.e. i want the e-mail id of a single person in the TO field at a time. <BR>Please help me out.<BR><BR>

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    Instead of using the FSO, you can use ADO to store the contents of a comma-delimited file into a recordset.<BR>Then all you would have to do is loop through the recordset and generate the e-mail.<BR>Something like this:<BR> While not RS.EOF<BR> &#039; Generate Email<BR> &#039; Put your CDONTS code here<BR> Mail.To = RS("Email")<BR> RS.MoveNext<BR> End While<BR><BR>Hope that helps.<BR>Hope that helps.

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