Hello Everyone!<BR><BR>I sure hope someone can help me with this because I have been struggling with it for many hours with no success. I have an SQL Database Server (7.0) running on NT4, and an IIS5.0 server running my web app. The table I&#039;m querying has about 4000 records with about 250 fields. The problem is this: I make a connection to the SQL Server and am able to query the database but only about 3 or 4 of the fields are presented on a page with about 20 fields requested. The kicker is this...the fields are not consistent! If I move the fields around on the ASP page whichever field is requested first always returns the correct value. All the rest are empty except for 2 or 3 others which always have values no matter where they are. Here is something else rather strange. I have another database on the same on the SQL Server with virtually the same but older data . If I make a change to the connection string to this older DB all the fields come up without a problem. It appears to be specific to this newer DB.(???) If I query the database directly using Query Analyzer from a client machine all the data is returned.<BR><BR>Someone please help!!!! I am quite desperate and would be ever so thankful for any aid you could give. I can be reached via e-mail at zavier@ssar.org or you may also post a reply if that is easier for you. Thanks<BR><BR>Zavier Rodriguez