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    Ian B Guest

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    Hi <BR><BR>I have put all of my images into subfolders under a single images folder under the web root folder. How can I reference them in the image src from the root folder <BR><BR>Thank<BR><BR>ib

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    It is depend upon from which folder you are calling the files. If you are calling them from the root folder then it should be like this<BR><BR>&#060;img src="images/whatever the subimage folder name/ file name"&#062;<BR><BR>If you are calling from any of the subfolders then it should be <BR><BR>&#060;img src="../images/etc.,..."&#062;

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    In either case you would use root-absolute addressing:<BR><BR>&#060;img src="/images/whatever the subimage folder name/ file name"&#062;<BR><BR>Then you can move the file that is referencing any images in your image folders, and it will still work. If you follow vani&#039;s suggestion you would have to change to image source if you move the file.

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    Ian b Guest

    Default Thanks to both of you <eop>


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