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    I have created a product in ASP that I want to keep secure when it is sold. To that purpose I am thinking about compiling as much of it as possible into a components. Here is my question:<BR>How effiecient would it be to put everything into one DLL and just use separate classes for each ASP page that I currently have? Would it be better to create a separate DLL for each page? Also, does anyone know how some of the big E-Commerce companies like Expedia use the DLL directly in the URL instead of ASP?<BR>Thanks for you help,<BR>Chris

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    Hi<BR><BR>I don&#039;t have any answers. But your question is very interesting. I would also like to know what performs best:<BR><BR>One dll with all classes<BR>Many dll&#039;s with few classes.<BR>Many dll&#039;s with only one class.<BR><BR>TJM<BR><BR><BR>

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