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    hye ! <BR>how can i replace this incorrect code: <BR>"&#060;!-- #include virtual="&#060;%= RecordSet("pathfile") %&#062;" --&#062;". <BR>RecordSet("pathfile")=index.html. <BR>i try binarywrite but images are not loaded. <BR>thanks in advance.

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    Default Nope...Shouldn't do this...

    ...read the FAQ&#039;s on this web site for reasons why.

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    Default Leave "Shouldn't"...CANT. <eop>


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    The reason you can&#039;t do this is that the webserver processes the include files before it executes the script. So you can&#039;t use a variable for the filename.<BR><BR>If you want to insert the contents of another file depending on the value of a database field, you would need to use the filesystemobject to read the file. If the file you are including is to be executed, then you will have to find another way.

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