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    I read the FAQ regarding uploading of files from Client PC to<BR>Web server. I read about using the third party software,building Windows Script Components, as well as to use a pure ASP code. I am interested in using the pure ASP code method. However, I realised that by using a pure ASP code, the FileUploader object, I need to have VBScript v5.0 installed in the web server. Is there any other methods that I can use without a need to upgrade my VBScript version?

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    really recommend buying the 3rd party component, its not very expensive and the best part is, it saves so much of time and makes upload and download very very easy. Believe me, you wont regret it, however if you want to use ASP then why not check some docs and other sites, may be that will give you some answer, I think, if I remember right<BR>www.15seconds.com has an entire topic on ""File Uploads"" at the top right corner, oh well found the link, try and find something out here. <BR>http://www.15seconds.com/focus/Upload.htm<BR><BR>sorry thats the best I can do<BR>cheers.

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