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    Is there a way i can restrict access to certain folders in the web directory based on which user is signed in? here is my directory tree<BR>/<BR>/database<BR>/programmers<BR> user1<BR> userwork<BR> user2<BR> userwork<BR> user3<BR> userwork<BR>/images<BR><BR>if your user 1 i want you only able to access<BR>programers/user1/userwork<BR><BR>but if your user 2 i want it to be able to access<BR>/programmers/<BR><BR>and if your user 3 i want it to be able to access<BR>/<BR><BR>is there a way i can do this securely? because i&#039;ll be working with programemrs and most are clevel people and would be able to have their programs go to other folders...

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    Default NTFS...

    ...permissions on the folder is the best route to go on this.

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