Background:<BR><BR>I&#039;ve noticed that the issue of component registration comes up with regularity, here and on other ASP discussion venues.<BR><BR>A typical scenario with IIS 4 would look something like what is described in this article:<BR><BR><BR>It involves a lot of command line massaging -- and -- it takes A LONG TIME. Several minutes. This can be excruciatingly annoying to me if I&#039;m developing a component and want to upgrade the registered version several times a day.<BR><BR>Furthermore, when you&#039;re ready to deploy a component to a production server, the requirement of having to shut down the Web service is a major drag for obvious reasons.<BR><BR>So, here&#039;s the question:<BR><BR>It seems to me like there are quite a few advantages to creating MTS packages with your components rather than going through the sludge described above. Among these advantages are NOT HAVING TO SHUT DOWN the web service as described in the scenario above.<BR><BR>So what are the drawbacks of deploying components in MTS packages vs the more typical system registration? Is there any reason why I ought not to use MTS packages for all my components? Is there any significant performance degradation between these alternatives -- possibly extra load created by the resource marshaling work needed to access the MTS packages?