how can I know the actual user's IP ??

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Thread: how can I know the actual user's IP ??

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    Default how can I know the actual user's IP ??

    hi! <BR>I just want to know this: if I&#039;m connected to the Inet thru my ISP, I have an IP addr right? Then I request a URL to some host, let&#039;s say an ASP page... from the point of view of the host containing the ASP, the IP that is requesting the page is the ISP proxy&#039;s one... (for example the IP shown in the HTTP_LOCAL_ADDR... how can I know, from the end host what is the actual IP addr of the user? <BR><BR>I want to know this, because I&#039;m trying to build an application similar to the Yahoo messenger....<BR><BR>ThanX Guys. <BR>

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    Default You can't...

    ...because, just as you suggested in your own situation, the end user may not *HAVE* an IP address!<BR><BR>Consider, for example, the MILLIONS of AOL users...who all share a few thousand IP addresses!<BR><BR>Even if a person connected via a dial-in connection gets an IP address temporarily from the ISP, the next time he/she dials in, it will quite likely be via a different address.<BR><BR>And then there are those who come in through a firewall, as I must do at work. If you could actually penetrate that firewall to see the IP address behind the proxy, then the firewall isn&#039;t doing its job! And I betcha ours ( -- Sun Microsystems ) does its job!<BR><BR>In short: Give it up. Or go look at the answers that the dozens or hundreds of other people who have asked this question before you have gotten. <BR><BR>

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