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    Abid Malik Guest

    Default ASP and Cookies

    I have one question related to Cookies.<BR>I got userid and password in Cookies from login.asp.<BR>Now i want next time when user just input the userid the password will automatically will be in password field.<BR><BR>Please help me .<BR><BR>Thanks and Regards<BR>Abid Malik

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    Mike Preuett Guest

    Default RE: ASP and Cookies

    If that&#039;s the case, why use a password?

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    Abid Malik Guest

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    Dear Mike.<BR><BR>As you have seen in almost every web site, like Hotmail, yahoo they have one option that "Save my password on this computer"<BR>this is what i want to do , if user will click on checkbox , next time he needs only put userid. password will come from cookies. <BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Abid Malik

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