Best way to do a bulk mailling?

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Thread: Best way to do a bulk mailling?

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    Any ideas on the best way to mail people with a weekly newsletter? I currently use WorldMerge, but some people dont seem to get the letter. (It may be hotmail users who are over-quota, but I can&#039;t be sure.)<BR><BR>Does anyone use a better system?<BR><BR>I was wondering about using ASPmail, but I dont like the idea of having to format my whole letter inside &#060;% %&#062; delimiters...

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    I just did a mass mailing with ASP Mail and it took much longer than expected. I was sending 1500 messages, through an ASP page, so I set the script timeout to 30 minutes, so it would have plenty of time to run! Shoulda set the timeout to no limit caus the page timed out on me. The emails did eventually get out though. <BR><BR>Anybody have ideas on how to speed that up? The processor on my server was very low for the whole execution. I wonder if there are some setting on the SMTP Server that could speed things up. I&#039;ll probably also turn it into a VB App.<BR><BR>As for formatting the message, ASPMail provides no tricks for personalizing content, so if you&#039;re doing that you have to do it on your own.

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