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Thread: Creating New Table fromTriggers

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    Default Creating New Table fromTriggers

    I want to run a trigger so that i can create a new table from it, can it be done by any means

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    1. Right Click on the Table that you want to create the Trigger on.<BR>2. Choose "All Tasks" from the menu.<BR>3. Choose "Manage Triggers".<BR><BR>You now have the option of adding a Trigger related to either an INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE event. Here is some sample code for adding a Trigger on the INSERT event:<BR><BR><BR><BR>CREATE TRIGGER tr_Insert ON [dbo].[Authors] <BR>FOR INSERT<BR>AS<BR><BR>CREATE TABLE Blah<BR>(<BR> fldOne int,<BR> fldTwo varchar(50),<BR> fldThree datetime default null<BR>)<BR><BR>HTH<BR>Darren <BR>[ ]

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    Default Thanks a lot

    Thanks a lot Mr. Darren, my problem got solved

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