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    ASP : getting the values one by one <BR>Hello all, <BR>i am trying the get all of the records of ASP site which i need data from it . <BR>is there a way to do this ? <BR>for example <BR> <BR><BR>i want to get all of the hastanes&#039; Tel , Fax & Address to a file or table . <BR><BR>p.s:Hastane means Hospital in turkish :) <BR>thanks a lot

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    What you would need to do is create a SQL Query that pull records from your database based on the value of &#039;hastane&#039; in your querystring.<BR><BR>i.e. select * from tablename where hastane = "& Request.querystring("hastane")<BR><BR>then with the results of your recordset, you can do what you need to do<BR><BR>mj

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    ahmet Guest

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    mj ,<BR>i don&#039;t have the user/password for connect to DB .<BR>i just have a website address .<BR>So i think there must be for loop to get <BR>hastanes&#039; values one by one and write to local Access DB or sth else .<BR>thanks for your help

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