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    Got to build a site that requires security and the ability to search by keyword and/or catagory and display thumbnail image matches (that are still available) from matching search criteria. <BR> I&#039m not sure of the best way to retreave the images (thumbnails) for display (speed wise) ....I need help on this, I&#039v never built a site like the the one I&#039ve sold. I&#039d like to use ASP because I think it will be easier to enhance the site in the future. My clients (The phone company) have all NT servers.<BR> Is their anyone out there that can/will help me with this project. It would be worth a lot just to know I&#039m not alone.

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    Store the images as blobs in SQL server, you could use SQL Server 7&#039s full text indexing for your searches and you could create the thumbnails using a thirdparty component. The rest is simple HTML and ASP.

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    i&#039d recommend staying away from storing binary objects inside your database...<BR><BR>you&#039re asking for the best solution from a speed standpoint - that would be a system that stored the images in a directory and stored links to them in the database... storing binary info inside a db is messy and inefficient...<BR><BR>kurt

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