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    Sarwat Guest

    Default ASP and JavaScript

    How can I open a window on the particular machine using JavaScript and ASP.

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    Default it's simple

    Just by,title,other oprions)

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    Default Can U elaborate on that ?

    What kind of options ?????<BR><BR>Can u list them for me ?<BR><BR>Greetz Orb_X

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    Default No ASP involved...

    You can&#039;t open a new window from ASP code, per se (see that ASPFAQs, category The Nature Of Things). You can use ASP to create HTML that includes JavaScript code that opens windows. But, then, you can write ordinary HTML that does the same thing.<BR><BR>Anyway:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Look at the list of windowFeatures you can specify.<BR><BR>

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    naeem Guest

    Default window

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    Default RE: Can U elaborate on that ?

    options include: width,height,title,length,scrollbars etc.

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