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    Default Server FileSystemObject stopped working

    I wrote an application that writes a text file and sends it through eMail.<BR><BR>The server has NT4 and is not a dedicated server. It is used also for VB and Delphi applications.<BR><BR>At one point calling the FileSystemObject returns that it can&#039;t create the object.<BR><BR>We are talking about reinstalling IIS which can be very complicated. Can somebody tell me what to do?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Ruth

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    Default Check the registry...

    User "regedit" or "regedt32" and do FIND for "Scripting.FileSystemObject". Try to find the entry for it that gives you the "InProc32" entry, which tells you which DLL it is using and where it is located on the disk.<BR><BR>It will *probably* be "scrrun.dll" or maybe "scrrun20.dll".<BR><BR>Anyway, first things first, verify that the registry entry is there (it probably is, or the error message would be different). Assuming it is, check to be sure the DLL is in the place the registry says it should be! If it is not, find it (or a copy on another machine) and put it the. If it *is* there, I&#039;d still suspect corruption of the DLL and try to replace it with a fresh copy from another machine.<BR><BR>Worst comes to worst, try re-registering the DLL after you put it in place. "regsvr scrrun.dll" I think is all you need. But check the docs.<BR><BR>You should *NOT* need a complete re-install of IIS just to fix this one.<BR><BR>

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