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    Default Newbie - Unable to view updated .asp pages

    When I upload any changes to the .asp pages I've written, I cannot view the changes with any browser for a period of minutes and sometimes hours. This is a far cry from what I am used to with html. Is there any way to see the changes I've made immediately? I know I can view the pages with my PWS, but I would like to have another set of eyes take a look as well.

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    Default More info needed please

    I develop on my machine which is running Win2k Pro with IIS. I just set up a virtual directory in &#039;My Docs&#039; I can save the file and then just refresh the file and the changes are there.<BR><BR>

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    Heracean Guest

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    I can see the changes if I publish onto my own machine. The problem occurs when I upload (via FTP) to the Web and then view the .asp pages. The changes are not visible for a period of 30 minutes to an hour or more. Is this something the server is doing?<BR><BR>

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