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    I am looking at making a change to do web development and asp coding fulltime. I have been doing this for my present employer for the last two years on a part time basis. I work in the minneapolis area and wonder if anyone knows what i should look for in terms of salary. <BR><BR>Skills <BR>HTML Expert <BR>ASP novice-advanced<BR>XML Advanced <BR>Javascript beginner-novice<BR>CSS novice-advanced<BR>VBScript novice-advanced<BR>VB 6.0 novice-advanced

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    Default Will Work for food

    j/k<BR><BR>You&#039;re best bet is to head over to and look at what the salaries being offered are. Newspapers, recruiters, etc.<BR><BR>And get rid of the novice/advanced -- they&#039;ll want years, and they&#039;ll tell you if your advanced or not.

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    Default really good <eop>


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    Default Don't know the market there...

    but in NY I wouldn&#039;t work for less than 50,000 annually as an ASP developer with 2 years or more full-time experience at it.

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