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    lepr Guest

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    What is the best way to force an interger to round up in any situation?

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    John Harvey Guest

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    If it is an integer, there is no need to round...<BR>If you mean to force a real to round to the next highest integer, use something like<BR>Function Ceiling(number)<BR> temp = split(number, ".", 1)<BR> Ceiling = temp(0) + 1<BR>End Sub

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    lepr Guest

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    Great, I&#039ll give that a go. Yeah I meant a real number rounding up to the next highest interger. Btw, I think you meant "End Function" rather than "End Sub". I don&#039t wanna come off as anal, but if some other newbie read that, I wouldn&#039t want the poor thing to get confused.<BR><BR>thanks

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