ASP pages aren&#039;t loading in IIS 5.0 and the following error is being logged in <BR>event viewer...<BR><BR>Event Type: Error<BR>Event Source: WAM<BR>Event Category: None<BR>Event ID: 204<BR>Date: 5/18/2001<BR>Time: 2:25:35 PM<BR>User: N/A<BR>Computer: TALDI<BR>Description:<BR>The HTTP server encountered an unhandled exception while processing the ISAPI <BR>Application &#039;<BR>IisRTL!ALLOC_CACHE_HANDLER::Alloc(voi d) + 0x7<BR>ISATQ!_AtqAddAsyncHandle@24 + 0x1C<BR>ISATQ!CDirMonitor::Monitor(class CDirMonitorEntry *,char const *,int,unsigned <BR>long) + 0xAC<BR>asp!TS_RESOURCE::Unlock(void) + 0x2CA1<BR> + 0xD86C13C9<BR>&#039;. <BR><BR>I have done the following:<BR>I have reinstalled IIS, applied sp2, applied the latest security patches, and ran "cscript synciwam.vbs" as per &#062;&#062;&#062;<BR>