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Thread: Last Image to Load always stalls

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    Default Last Image to Load always stalls

    On my webserver running IIS on WIN2000 machine. The last image on every page takes along time to load, all the first ones load fast but it hangs on the last. Likewise when you sumbit a form it will hang the first time you hit submit, but will load rapidly the second time? Any Help?

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    Default Why so many threads?

    I&#039;m not sure why the last image takes awhile or about the forms.<BR><BR>I do know when I first start IIS, the first page to load always drags. Can you test the same thing on another server?<BR><BR>PS: you won&#039;t win any popularity points on this board for posting so many times

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    its not like i did it on purpose, I knew i would get tons of flames from guys from this

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