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    pgeinz Guest

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    I have a method for developing flat sites - create one page, check the functionality, save it under a different name and then tweak those pages, changing content and whatever to each new page - and the site is finished though hard to update.<BR><BR>Now I move into the asp arena, feel comfortable with the language and can find many resources on how to make things happen BUT, no resources on figuring out what how begin to structure [approach] the dynamic site.<BR> <BR>Do I make one template and use asp to bring in the elements (text, photos) through links to those files added to database fields?<BR>Or, do I make seperate templates for each area [directory] of the site and use the db as stated above?<BR>How do I plan out the design, assuming that I want the ability to change information on pages easily without going into the code?<BR>Who can fill in that last puzzle piece for me...? Thanks

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    Bill H. Guest

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    If you&#039;re looking for a content management piece, look into using the Microsoft DHTML Edit control. I just did a project using it, and it&#039;s pretty cool. It works like a normal HTML WYSIWYG, embedded in a browser. (Big note: IE5 and above ONLY) Then I save all the info, HTML tags and all, to the database as a varchar(8000). (Another note, image paths are NOT relative. For performance/security&#039;s sake, make it relative). Then, all I need to do is come up with one template, get the appropriate page that I want, and it&#039;s as simple as response.write rs.fields("body")...look into it...

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    pgeinz Guest

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    Bill, Thanks for the quick response, but you&#039;re way ahead of me. I have never developed a page in asp, and though I&#039;ve developed one site using ColdFusion [very basic], I still have trouble visualizing the approach that I need to take with respect to deciding how to use asp to represent the information.<BR>With CF, I use an index &#039;template&#039; and &#060;cfcase&#062; tags to pull page elements in based on a url_id variable.

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