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    I&#039;m developing a web page that displays PDF files that are stored on an image server that is separate from the web server running the page.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve been trying to figure out a way to open and display a PDF directly from the image server. The only way I have gotten it to work is to use the FSO object to copy the file to the web server and then access it from there for display.<BR><BR>Does anyone know how I can access and display the file directly from the image server given that I have the path to the PDF file on the image server?

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    If you "map" the drive where the pdf&#039;s are using IIS and make it part of the same website you can just use an &#060;a href="pdf/&#060;%=name.pdf%"&#062;open pdf&#060;/a&#062;. Or if you can&#039;t do this the only way to hide the path and to be able to use an absolute path is to use FSO to read the pdf and then do what you want with it (you can also use ADODB.Stream to read a file).<BR><BR>hope that helps?<BR><BR>Mark

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