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    I got this book from SAMS, "Teach Yourself ASP in 24 Hours". I think I'm stuck and I need to know what to do. I only have PWS for Windows 98 on my computer and after the first chapter, there's never a mention of PWS. It jumps to IIS and Windows NT. So I don't know if I can still follow along in the book, and if so, how do I adjust the instructions to fit PWS? If I can't do it with this book, can anyone suggest a book out there that WILL teach you ASP while you only have PWS on Win98? Thanks so much!!

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    SAMS books are good for people that have a little bit of background knowledge or understanding on the subject. I found that when I was first learning ASP, they didn't assume you knew nothing and left out some things. Believe it or not, ASP for dummies does a good job of explaining ASP first and then gets into code. I would recommend reading that and then doing individual tutorials on the components of ASP on the net. For example, VBScript tutorials on the Microsoft Developer site, SQL tutorials on, (don't know an ADO URL off the top of my head), stuff like that. If you break it up into pieces, it is more manageable to learn. And by the way, you can do ASP just fine with Personal Web Server, they gear the book to IIS because they are making the assumption that more people will be developing in that environment.

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