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    I set up my forms so that a user could complete them at a later date if they needed too. I put a field in the database that "tracks" their progress and if they click "continue later" it puts that form number in that field. (1-5) Now if they come back I look up their record and redirect them to the right form based on the number in that field. However, the forms are in a series and if a user comes back and needs to continue on form 3 for example the code that inserts the data from form 2 wants to execute and I get an error. So I got a possible solution idea to execute the code based on the page they came from and someone answered my post that I could do this:<BR><BR>if request.serverobjects("http_referer") = "form1.asp" then <BR><BR>but that errors because it says it doesn&#039;t support that property or method.<BR><BR>Am I on the right track here or is there a better way to do this?

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    request.servervariables("http_referer") = "blahlahform1.asp" <BR><BR>u need to compare the full URL path.

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    It&#039;s Request.ServerVariables("http_REFERER")<BR><BR>And watch the = <BR><BR>It&#039;s going to return "http://yourserver/yourpage.asp" not form1.asp. And watch the case sensitivity... you&#039;re better off using InStr() with a textual compare.

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    hey,<BR> you can set a constant variable "testvar" from your page2 and pass that to page3 as a querystring. You have to check that in your 3rd page for that constant value.<BR><BR>It it matches, you can know that it&#039;s from page2....else..

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    Know-it-all Akhilesh posted the Request.ServerObject instead of .ServerVariable, but he can get so snotty so I didn&#039;t bother to point it out to him.

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