Is it possible to access information on a secured site from within the same site?? The requesting pages is in the same directory as the requested page but both are in a secure site.<BR><BR>Using teh ITC in a page I get the contents of a report and email it out. The problem is if I use a local path reference for the URL I get the error &#039;URL is malformed&#039;, if I run it with the full path the page that is returned is the generic &#039;You are not authorized to view this page&#039; page.<BR><BR>My work around has been to put the pages in an unsecure area. This isn&#039;t too much of an issue unless someone knew the approriate form request items and the page name.<BR><BR>I know the more recent versions of ITC have Username and Password for FTP transactions. But it doesn&#039;t see to work for HTTP.<BR><BR>Any thoughts or am I leading towards a dead end.<BR><BR>Thanks.