We are running IIS 5.0 and I am trying to setup a number of sub-directories so that only certain users can access them. The parent directory (Users) is setup as a virtual directory in IIS. The physical directory still resides on the web server&#039;s hard drive. For the sub-directories, I have basic authentication enabled with the other authentication methods disabled. In the NTFS permissions for each sub-directory, I have given the the desired users access. <BR><BR> The problem is that when I try to access one of the sub-directories, I get the expected login box but after three login attempts using the user&#039;s username and password I receive a "HTTP 401.1 - Unauthorized: Logon Failed" message. I can, however, logon using an account with administrative privledges.<BR><BR> I have found several documents that say I need to set the security policy for each user so that he or she can "Log on locally" and I have attempted to do this but so far it doesn&#039;t seem to have worked.<BR><BR> If someone has seen this before and knows what my problem is, any advice would be greatly appreciated.