Need Testers & Opinions on My FIRST Web Site

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Thread: Need Testers & Opinions on My FIRST Web Site

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    Bob A Guest

    Default Need Testers & Opinions on My FIRST Web Site

    I sure would like to have some testers and opinions of my first web site. This site is JUST FOR FUN, Not interested in commercial application. JUST FOR FUN. AND OF COURSE MY LEARNING EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <BR><BR>If willing to give it a try It is not neccessary to fill out your real information,,,,but your REAL e-mail address would be nice so you could see how the validation works. IE users should be OK, Netscape users could experience double alert messages if they mess up!!!!!<BR><BR>AND NO I WILL NOT SELL, GIVE, OR ABUSE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.<BR>Thanks to any and all that give it a try<BR><BR>THE SITE IS<BR>

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    Kentium Guest

    Default RE: Need Testers & Opinions on My FIRST Web Site

    Yuk. All your taste is in your mouth. Forget about the code and go to art school.

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    James W. Guest

    Default RE: Need Testers & Opinions on My FIRST Web Site

    Ok, you asked so here it is:<BR>1) Lose the frames. 2/3 of the visible screen is being used by frames with no apparent purpose. 1/3 top= banner, 1/3 left= ?<BR>2) The automatic capitalization while typing is really, really, annoying. Why not just cap it server side if you need caps?<BR>3) When asking for phone, state whether to enter dashes or not. Why make work phone required.<BR>4) If phone must be 10 digits, why do let people type in more? Pi<BR>5) After adding my record, it said &#039;Record Added&#039; then showed my profile with &#039;Fields in red are required&#039; Why do I neeed to review it automatically, why not just automatically log people in?<BR>6) I was able to make two separate profiles with the same login ID. This is not a good practice - you&#039;ll run into problems later, trust me.

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    K. Guest

    Default Is this the campground in Niagara Falls, ONT??

    If so, I live right near there just across in NF, NY!!!

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    ... Guest

    Default RE: Need Testers & Opinions on My FIRST Web Site

    Your maps don&#039;t make any sense. No matter what location I click on, the resulting page is identical. I hope this section is still under construction??

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    Default Ugh

    I hate frames, but they *can* be used gracefully. ie, NO BORDERS.<BR>Ugh. <BR>Next, <BR>I had no idea upon entering your site what it was concerning...<BR>Users eyes tend to roam to the middle of the screen, and all I saw was Yogi, and became completely uninterested. <BR>What is this site? Yogi&#039;s camp grounds? Or Angeletti enterprises? I see different things everywhere.<BR><BR>Testing out the retrieve password, I entered in a bogus email addy, there error message is as follows-&#062;<BR>"Error Message = No Patient On File with that Email Address"<BR><BR>So where did you steal that code? At least change the error messages to reflect your page. Come on.<BR><BR>Since that doesn&#039;t seem to be any of your code, I will end my visit on your site.<BR><BR>My advice? Master HTML and design before going to ASP.<BR>Otherwise no one will use your stolen coded applications,<BR>but it&#039;s just too **** difficult to look at.<BR><BR>-uprightmonkey<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Default give him a break...

    Do you remember your first site???<BR><BR>It is not bad for a beginning website. You can use it to learn things. i.e. turn your frame borders off either through the wysiwyg or through the code.<BR><BR>gordon

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    Bob A Guest

    Default THANK YOU ALL Wow did I get TOASTED

    Well I should have said that my art work was not a concern to me.<BR>More interested in ASP and its presentation.<BR>Butttttttttt I got some good info.<BR>AND YES ALL THE CODE IS MINE. Just copied from 1st project that I did not finish.<BR><BR>YOU HAVE TO BE CAREFULL what you wish////ask for.

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