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    hi, I am in the process of integrating credit card facilities on a site that I'm building. The documentation says to create a form whch posts data to a url on the card services server, the transaction takes place then it posts back a response to a url on my server, they suggest writing a perl prgram to handle this. I want to do it in ASP. but how can I get the users browser to redirect them to a confirmation page when the confirmation has been sent back to the specified url? (the easy way)

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    Your cc provider is going to redirect the user to a specific URL on "your" web site. You can write anything you want in that page. Typically, they&#039;ll either post a form back to your page or include the data in the querystring for you to react to. If you chose to perform a redirect from there automatically, that isn&#039;t a problem.<BR><BR>Perhaps I don&#039;t understand your question...

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