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    Will a stored procedure been passed NULL as a value return an error due to the fact that NULL is not a value and a SP needs all its parameters to be given actual values ?<BR><BR>The reason I ask this is becuase I am getting an error when passing NULL or "NULL" to a stored proc but as soon as I give it a real value or string its happy.<BR><BR>How do I pass a NULL to a stored proc for INSERT and have it put this in over any existing value ?

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    Better design would obviate this problem. <BR><BR>a) validate<BR>b) allow nulls in DB properties<BR>c) insert a &#039;non-value&#039; like &#039;undefined&#039; (one of the advantages of JScript that no-one mentions)<BR><BR>j

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    Hmmmok I never thought of that, it will sort the problem out...

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