Cannot create a row of size 8961 which is greater

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Thread: Cannot create a row of size 8961 which is greater

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    Sascha D√ľnkelberg Guest

    Default Cannot create a row of size 8961 which is greater

    Hi there , <BR><BR>i have a really serious problem , and i dont know how to solve it. I have programmed a form to update the news on our webpage , and those news will then be transfered to a sql db. But now i have the problem that i want to include some tables in this text and this pushes the length of the string over the limit of 8060. So i wrote a sub that splits this long string into two , three , four or five strings , according how long the news are. Okay , for each splitted string i created a field in the table called text1,text2 ... text5 , in the asp script i first run a insert , transmitting the date , headline and so on , and then i do an update on the same row , inserting the texts ... now there is the problem , the first update always works , but the second returns this error message. <BR>The strange thing about that is , that when i execute those sql strings in the query analyzer everything works fine , no **** error message telling me the strings too long or something like that. <BR><BR>How can I get my Asp Script to work? :)<BR><BR>Any help would be cool!

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    Jeremy_D Guest

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    8000 bytes is the limit of a char/varchar field. 8060 bytes is the limit of a row. You cannot put more bytes into a single row in SQL Server.<BR><BR>Your options are to use a text field instead of varchar, which causes the text to be stored on it&#039;s own page and allows for more then 8000 bytes, or to spread the text over multiple rows (like it is done in the syscomments table).<BR><BR>Jeremy_D<BR>

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