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Thread: ASP, FLASH, XML, & SQL Server

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    Default ASP, FLASH, XML, & SQL Server

    I&#039;m working with a Flash designer to use Flash as a front end to ASP and SQL Server.<BR><BR>We&#039;ve gotten Flash to read text files, and to use send forms to ASP, but I know there&#039;s a better way to do this that to use text files to communicate from SQL Server to FLash<BR><BR>I&#039;ve been reading that Flash can parse XML, so I&#039;m thinking I could have the data flow to be Flash &#062; ASP &#062; SQL Server and then SQL Server &#062; ASP &#062; XML &#062; Flash.....I&#039;m using SQL Server 7 so I can&#039;t use the newer XML cablities.<BR><BR>Has anyone dones this?<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Default RE: ASP, FLASH, XML, & SQL Server

    what I do, is get Flash to load a .asp file in the same manner as it loads a textfile. very easy, and less steps than what you&#039;re suggesting - the .asp bit is only an extension after all - the content is still ASCII text - you&#039;re getting a bit convoluted really....<BR><BR><BR>j

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