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Thread: viewing files over the network with Scripting.File

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    i&#039;m currently working on a script that will grab the files and sub-directories from a given directory and tell you the size, what&#039;s "new", yada yada.<BR>well, it occured to me that it&#039;d be nice to allow users or whoever to pick directories not on the current drive. i have the current code:<BR><BR>strBrowse = Request.QueryString("browse")<BR>If strBrowse &#060;&#062; "" Then<BR> Select Case strBrowse<BR> Case "computer1"<BR> strPath = "\computer1mp3z
    ew stuff\"<BR> Case "computer2"<BR> strPath = "\computer2video_ts\"<BR> Case "computer3"<BR> strPath = "\computer3The Dumper\"<BR> End Select<BR>Else<BR> strPath = "\computer1mp3z
    ew stuff\"<BR>End If<BR><BR>that guy pulls the current comptuer from the querystring, or if one&#039;s not there, puts you to the default page. <BR>every time i try to run this on anything but the comptuer1 directory (which is the comptuer the script is stored on), i get a &#039;path not found&#039; error.<BR><BR>i was hoping someone had experimented with a situation similar to this and could provide me with some insight. i&#039;ll take any help i can get. x:}<BR>-funk

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    Might it be easier to map a math to each of those network resources on the server machine, and then use the FileSystemObject to achieve what you&#039;re after?<BR><BR>Although Windows does obviously understand the \ syntax, it may not make it available to the system during scripting. It&#039;s much more likely that it will let you access a mapped drive.<BR><BR>Personally I&#039;ve never done it, although I can&#039;t think of any limitations off-hand...<BR><BR>Craig.

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