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    Ravi Kumar Velpla Guest

    Default ASP.NET witn Windows 98

    Hi Everyone,<BR><BR>Can I run .aspx files from Windows 98 as we run .asp files. I have PWS with FrontPage Extension Service 2000 installed + .NET Framwork and SDK installed. <BR><BR>Is this a issue of some minor configuration or I need to Install NT/Win 2K with latest Service Pack to be able to run .aspx files /applications.<BR><BR>Regards<BR>Ravi<BR>

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    Default Need WinNT or Win2k

    In Beta1, ASP.NET will only run on a computer that has IIS installed as its Web server (WinNT 4 or Win2k). Sorry.

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    Default Later versions?

    You say "In Beta1..." like later versions might be supportive of PWS/98. Do you know if there will be a version for PWS and Win 98? I really want to be able to test stuff on my machine here.<BR><BR> Tom

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