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    Hi all,<BR><BR>Is there anybody out there who can help me with the following :<BR><BR>I have an ASP-page that is an Input screen for a database. My question is if it&#039;s possible to make a calculation with the data entered and if so the next step must be to put the data entered AND the result of the calculations into the database.<BR>Can you help me solve this puzzle ?<BR> <BR>Many thanx in advance and hoping to hear from you soon.<BR> <BR>Greetz <BR> <BR>Jeroen Guyt<BR>

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    stored procedure?

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    Default Ummm...Yes.

    Use variables. Do math to the variables. Make the result a variable. Put all of the variables in the database.<BR>Any specific questions?

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    Thanx FoR thE ADVICE....<BR>GOT ANY EXANplES ??? (in coDE ???)<BR>

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