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    is there a way that i can load some lookup tables data into client side arrays,<BR>and then use the onkeyup event within a text box to pre fill that textbox as the character match works,<BR><BR>i don&#039;t want to use select lists. Just was curious, seems like it should work.

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    ...so I guess it can be.<BR><BR>One problem you have is that capturing keystrokes works differently in different browsers, I believe. And you have to do a *lot* of work, including handling DELETE and BACKSPACE keys, just to pick an example. And what do you do about the user who, after getting 8 characters in place, uses the mouse to move to character 3 and then starts typing???<BR><BR>Personally, I don&#039;t think it&#039;s worth the effort. But to each his own poison.<BR><BR>

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    Default i haven't seen it done

    So,<BR><BR>Backspace doesn&#039;t fire an onKeyup event in a textbox?<BR><BR>What i was thinking was if the person typed<BR>"ba" into the box, I pull in "Bass",<BR>(the whole premise is based on 10 items but the possibility for others means they want a textbox, but their old LAN system has that neat ability. (Combobox).<BR><BR>oh well, guess i will file that neat idea under No.<BR>danke

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