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    Patrick O'Brien Guest

    Default personal web server/IIS

    I wanted to be able to run a web site off a cd for demo purposes (all the files for the site are located on the cd). The problem is asp driven pages need an application server to operate. If possible, I would like to not have to install the application server on the computer the demo will run on. In other words, have the application server exist on the cd too. I'm not sure that this is possible, and I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions on ways to do this.

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    Sreedharan Guest

    Default When you install the Web server...

    make sure that you point to your CD drive as the destination. (Please note that you will require a CD writer.) Then install it. I have not tried this, but I imagine that it should work.<BR><BR>Treat your CD drive just as you would an ordinary hard disk. So, you need a Re-Writable CD ...<BR><BR>I hope you got the picture. Let us know if this works. These things are good to know.

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    Patrick O'Brien Guest

    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the idea, I&#039;ll post if it works or not.

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