DSN-Less Access97 connection to URL?

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Thread: DSN-Less Access97 connection to URL?

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    Default DSN-Less Access97 connection to URL?

    I have an existing Access 97 ODBC on our external IIS4 webserver, and I&#039;m working on a test server that doesn&#039;t "see" the live server as a drive. I want to set up a read-only connection on the test server to the db on the live server. I&#039;ve found references similar to the following:<BR><BR>cn.Open "Provider=MS Remote;" &_<BR>"Remote Server=http://www.albemarle.org;" &_<BR>"Remote Provider=MSDASQL;" &_<BR>"DSN=jobdesc;"<BR>mySQL = "SELECT * FROM SomeTableOnJobDesc;"<BR>set rs=cn.execute(MySQL) --&#062; error on this line 21<BR><BR>When I try to access the data in the rs, I get this error:<BR><BR>Remote Data Service 1.5 error &#039;800a20ff&#039; <BR>Internet Server Error <BR>/appl/test.asp, line 21 <BR><BR>Further investigation suggests that we may not have RDS enabled on our test server, which is entirely possible, but I don&#039;t have the expertise to easily verify that.<BR><BR>Is my syntax correct? Or does that have problems too? Or is it due to RDS problems?? Any suggestions? Worst case I&#039;ll just copy the db to the test server, but that&#039;s not elegant :)<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>elaine<BR>epack@blue.unix .virginia.edu<BR><BR>

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    Default You may find this equally helpful...

    ...and possibly more stable.<BR><BR>http://www.eggheadcafe.com/articles/20010209.asp

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