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    Help! I have a development site and a production site, both have identical asp pages. Several of the pages send an automatically generated e-mail containing data from databases and/or input forms on the asp page. This works fine on the development side which is fairly well protected and only system administrators have access to it. But when I try it on my production site, I get the following error: <BR>HTTP 500 - Internal server error <BR>Internet Explorer <BR><BR>The code is pretty simple, the line that causes this is <BR>&#060;% <BR>objMail.send <BR>%&#062; <BR><BR>If this line is commented out, the page works fine. This is a major problem as my site is supposed to roll out today and the first screen a user gets is a registration page which sends him an e-mail welcoming him/her to the site! <BR><BR>Help! Thanks, <BR>Mike <BR>P.S. This is a cross-post. Sorry for the duplication, but I am not getting much new info and need to solve this ASAP!

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    try to match the SMTP permissions on both machines........<BR><BR>j

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