I need several ASP developers for a job in NY.

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Thread: I need several ASP developers for a job in NY.

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    sizeof Guest

    Default I need several ASP developers for a job in NY.

    I&#039;m seeking ASP developers in New York for a full time job.<BR><BR>Must be quite a talent. Resumes should be sent to sizeof@chek.com.<BR><BR>Good day all.<BR>

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    Default RE: I need several ASP developers for a job in NY.

    Hi,<BR><BR>I am an asp developer myself but currently engaged in a job and doing some work part-time. I know a couple of my friends who are very good at web technologies and might be interested. Let me know the details, terms and conditions and may be I can help you out.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>

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    Prakash Guest

    Default RE: I need several ASP developers for a job in NY.

    Hi,<BR>I am ASP developer having 3+ years experience and worked on many web-sites. I am sending you my resume please have a look.<BR>Thanks.<BR>Prakash<BR>amitprakash@emailac count.com

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    shilpy gupta Guest

    Default RE: I need several ASP developers for a job in NY.

    &nbsp;<BR>guptashilpy@hotmail.com Shilpy Gupta<BR> ASP/VB/SQL Database Developer Consultant on H1B status<BR>PH#: 908 2457339<BR>Add: 123 Jerome St, Appt D, Roselle Park, <BR>NJ 07204. <BR><BR>Summary : More than 4 years of experience in IT industry with 3 years of strong ASP with 4 years in VB based application development. Extensive technical experience on Windows / NT 4.0, Windows 2000 platforms for Internet / Intranet Application development. Worked with 3-tier architecture, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, XML, XSL, ASP,VB(COM), IIS, WAP, Oracle, MS-Access .Familiar with TCP/IP, Ports and Sockets, Socket Programming, Servers and Clients. Well conversant in Internet/Intranet Technology. Willing and versatile at adapting to new technologies.<BR><BR><BR>Skills :<BR><BR>Internet Technologies: ASP 3.0, VID 6.00, VB 6.0,XML, XSL, HTML, <BR>DHTML, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, MTS, <BR>MSMQ, UML, Rational Rose, Java 2.0,Java Beans, JDBC, Servlets, JSP.<BR>Wireless Technology: WML, WML Script<BR>Enterprise Server: IIS 4 / 5<BR>Development Tools: Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Inter Dev 6.0<BR>RDBMS: MSSQL 2000 Server, MS Access, Oracle 8.0<BR>Packages: MS Office, Site Server<BR>OS: Windows 2000, WinNT 4.0<BR><BR>Professional Experience :<BR><BR>Client: Cavea Inc. www.Pictures4life.com <BR>Duration Jan’01 - Current <BR>Environment : ASP 3.0 , Visual Basic 6 (COM)ActiveX, SQL 7.0( as database), XML and MTS (Component Management ) on windows 2000 platform<BR>Cavea provides business-to-business Internet commerce services to professional photographers and commercial processing labs. www.Pictures4life.com is company’s e-commerce site. The visitor can view photographs of a given event and place order for photographs. Also he can create his own online photo Album. The photographer can create events, mange event prices, manage event categories and their associated images.<BR>Responsibilities :<BR>· Server side scripting using ASP and VBScript<BR>· VB COM (DLL) objects used for performance improvement<BR>· SQL stored procedures and triggers creation .<BR>· SQL query optimization using indexes.<BR>· Server side XML used to store shopping info temporarily in file.<BR>· Documentation of project flow<BR>· Front-end validations and other client side processing done using JavaScript.<BR>· Front–End / Back-End Integration done using ADO technology<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Client: Cybervox Network Ltd. www.voxweb.net <BR>Duration Jan’00 - Dec2001 <BR>Environment : ASP 3.0, Visual Basic 6, XML ,XSL , Active Directory( as database) on windows 2000 platform.<BR><BR>Voxweb is a company Portal targeted to provide Indian end-users wide spectrum of commercial information. The end user can obtain information on ongoing Cultural Events, sales and Exhibitions, New Product launches, Particular Brand dealers location and contact information. Also the site has a powerful search incorporated for displaying location and contact information of all showrooms/shops/business centers selling products of end-user’s interest.<BR>Responsibilities :<BR>· The site was originally in Java and NDS. Migrated the same to Microsoft technology.<BR>· The site is using two different back ends. For the Search feature Active Directory concept of Windows 2000 platform using LDAP protocol has been used as database. (Microsoft’s new concept for static , hierarchial data storage and retrieval as implemented in site esc.Compaq.com/phonebook )The other features are using SQL 2000 as database. Number of VB components have been created to create server side XML files , for data access with Active Directory , etc resulting in improved performance.<BR>· ASP is the basic technology with HTML, VBScript, XML, XSL and Javascript.<BR>· Documentation of project flow<BR>· Front-end validations done using JavaScript.<BR>· Server side scripting using ASP and VBScript<BR>· LDAP used for accessing Active Directory of Windows2000 (used as database)<BR>· Server side XML,XSL used for improving performance and for temporary storage of search results<BR>· Improved search speed by using VB COM+ (dll) for accessing AD and creating XML files. <BR><BR>Note: Varieo (Server providers) have confirmed this is first site to use Active Directory as commercial database in the World<BR><BR><BR><BR>Client: Cybervox Network Ltd. www.Miranijewelers.com <BR>Duration Feb’99 to Dec’00 <BR>Environment: ASP , Visual Basic, SQL Server, MTS, NT4<BR>Mirani Jewelers is a commercial site of Miranis involved in Indian Jewellery business. The site is E-commerce web site. It has Reports generated to facilitate owners to get and maintain updated information on orders. Also extensive housekeeping module makes keeping updated product, Shipping charge information simple to maintain. Images Files can be uploaded/Deleted without any third party component. Email sending facility has been provided to facilitate communication of owners with site shoppers using CDONTS component. <BR><BR><BR><BR>Responsibilities: <BR>· Components development, Database Designing and Front-end development. The site is using SQL 2000 as back end. Custom VB components have been created & used to improve the performance for data access.<BR>· Server side data interaction done using ASP with VBScript<BR>· Javascript used for client side validations and Processing<BR>· Creating optimized queries, triggers, stored procedures in SQL server 7.0. along with database designing using data diagrams.<BR>· VB components used for faster data access using ADO as interface.<BR>· Email utility using CDONTS<BR><BR><BR>Client : Universal Software Ltd. www.patient-education.com<BR>Duration : April’98 to Feb’99 <BR>Environment :ASP, Visual Basic<BR>The Patient Education Institute offers an array of services which are offered to ensure that the implemented interactive health systems meet the specific needs of clients(hospitals) through consultation. Expertise in recommending health information systems that help healthcare organizations meet their patient education, health promotion, and training needs such as interactive satisfaction surveys, clinical trial education, and staff training.<BR>Responsibilities :<BR>· Server side data interaction done using ASP with VBScript<BR>· Javascript used for client side validations and Processing<BR>Ø Putting referential integrity, writing stored procedures, triggers, front-End-backend communication using ADO.<BR>· Email utility using CDONTS<BR>· Implementing database integration of Modules( made using Flash 4 ) with ASP<BR><BR>Client :Universal Software Ltd. www.exhibitionindia.com/ecalender<BR>Duration : March’98 <BR>Environment ASP,HTML <BR>Event Calender Scheduler portion of an event information portal that provides facility to personalize to every visitor. Visitor can schedule events, store contacts, collect and keep brochures of products online. This unique facility helps visitor to achieve & be reminded by email of the important dates and knowledge of latest products and services.<BR><BR>Client Speciality Engg. Consultants Pvt. Ltd.<BR>Duration Nov’97 to Feb’98 <BR>Environment Visual Basic 6.0 with Oracle 8<BR>Call Analyser<BR>System Program. Dumping data from EPABX into system. The system parses the data in appropriate format and saves in the database. Reports and graphs are developed from data stored in database.<BR>Role Programmer <BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Client Speciality Engg. Consultants Pvt. Ltd.<BR>Duration Oct’97 to Nov’97 <BR>Environment Visual Basic 6.0 with Access and Data Report (ADO)<BR>Shares Repository for individual Investor<BR>Keeping detailed information on share transactions(Sale/Purchase)<BR>Debentures,dividend,etc. Report net annual profit/loss,present status <BR>of shares /debentures for the individual for the given company. <BR>Role System Analyst,System designer and Programmer <BR><BR>Client Speciality Engg. Consultants Pvt. Ltd.<BR>Duration Sept’97 <BR>Environment : Visual Basic 6.0, Microsoft Access 7.0<BR>Library system<BR>Keeps details of all books/magazines, Library members.Tracking their status. <BR>Role System Analyst, System designer and Progammer <BR><BR><BR>Client Speciality Engg. Consultants Pvt. Ltd.<BR>Duration Aug’97 to Aug’97 <BR>Environment Visual Basic 6.0 , Oracle 7.3 and ADO data Report<BR>Articles tracking system<BR>Keeping Information about different article appearing in different periodicals like Newspaper,Books,Magazines,Etc. Tracing article based on topic,date,etc.<BR>Role Programmer <BR><BR><BR>Education : <BR>Bachelor Of Engineering (Mechanical)<BR>Lukhdhirji Engg. Gov. College, Morbi, Gujarat<BR>Saurashtra University (1990-94) <BR>Throughout First class with Distinction <BR>Masters in Business Administration (Accounting and Financial Management)<BR>(1995-97)<BR>Maharaja Sayajirao University, Vadodara, Gujarat<BR>Grade: B+<BR><BR>CERTIFICATION:<BR>MICROSOFT CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL in <BR>Visual Basic 6.0 Desktop (70-176) <BR>Visual Basic 6.0 Distributed (70-175) <BR>Visual Inter Dev 6.0 <BR><BR>BRAINBENCH CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL in <BR>Ø Brainbench Certification for MS SQL Server 7.0 Administration,MS SQL Server 7.0 Programming, RDBMS Concepts, Dataware housing Concepts<BR>Ø Brainbench Certification for Ecommerce concepts, HTML, ASP Master Level <BR>Ø (Scored 4. 66 out of 5 ).<BR>Ø Brainbench Certification JavaScript, XML, Computer Fundamentals <BR>Ø Brainnbench: http://www.brainbench.com/transcript.jsp?pid=813998<BR><BR>

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    Adnan Guest

    Default RE: I need several ASP developers for a job in NY.

    Kh. Adnan Ahmad Siddiqi<BR> <BR> Email:catalyst_@hotmail.com<BR>Objective<BR>To be an integral part of an Organization, contributing my skills in the Field of Visual programming and Web development. <BR><BR>Summary<BR>- Interested in work involving Object Oriented Programming.<BR>- Eager to explore JAVA and Web Development.<BR><BR>Education<BR><BR>BS SirSyed University Of Engineering and Technology 1999<BR>Diploma Module-1 In Computer Science (Software) from N.I.D.P (New Institute Of Data Processing) 1997 <BR>High School Govt. Delhi College 1995 <BR>Matriculation S.H.A Jaffery Memorial Sec School with A-1 Grade 1993<BR><BR>Professional Courses<BR> Linux Administration (Red Hat) Brainbench Certification<BR> Cold Fusion 4.5 Brainbench Certification<BR><BR><BR><BR>Skills<BR><BR>Program ming Languages: C/C++, Visual Basic, Turbo Pascal, GW-Basic and Borland C++ Builder<BR>Web Technologies: Active Server Pages (ASP),Cold fusion, VBScript, JavaScript, FrontPage,PhP,HTML, DHTML, CSS, JAVA Servlets, JSP<BR>Databases: POSTGRESQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access. MySQL<BR>Operating Systems: Linux, Windows NT/98, MS-DOS<BR><BR><BR>Professional Experience<BR><BR>At present, I am working as Web Developer at HILINKS (Pvt) Ltd from 15th August 2000.<BR><BR>- Project Manager <BR> The purpose of this system is to keep track of ongoing projects and monitor protects status and developers` performance by project managers and upper management. A project manager can insert information of new projects, assign a project team leader and developers. A project leader can then divide the project in several tasks and assign them to developers .A developer can give the comment regarding his task, so that management may be well informed about developers` performance. Higher management can keep an eye on all projects` status. <BR> <BR>- Dynamic Gif Creation of Stock Graph<BR>As a member of Reuters project of HiLinks (www.hilinks.com), I developed a utility which creates GIF image of stock graph on the fly,it takes data from Reuters and then use that data for the plotting of graph,it was developed in PHP.<BR><BR>- Displaying of dynamic data in Static HTML files<BR> A utility which extracts data from coldfusion file or from database and display them in static HTML files rather than in coldfusion file, so in order to display data, it doesnot send request to database server,this utility has been implemented in different section of Hilinks Portal (www.hilinks.com) like Monitoring Desk,Medical,Articles.<BR><BR><BR>- Med Link<BR> It is a part of the HILINKS Portal (www.hilinks.com), it has all information related to medical, a user can ask question from the panel of experts and get answer of his problem through email, he can search any doctor and his availability any where in Pakistan through our medlinks database which is updated continuously. The user can maintain his medical record on medlinks. On the other hand the concerned registered doctors can access medlinks and post answers to their web patients. <BR><BR><BR><BR>Personal Information<BR><BR>Father’s Name Jalil Ahmad Siddiqi<BR>Date of Birth 15 / 5 / 1978<BR>Email Address kadnan@yahoo.com, adnan.siddiqi@mailcity.com<BR>

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