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    soconnor Guest

    Default accessing sql database?????

    I am using an e-commerce program called Storefront 5.0. Dbase included is access I have upsized this to SQL.Currently I add & remove info. via front page but, the reports generated can not be manipulated or saved to other files only printed.I need to be able to pull sales info from sql (remote server)and push it into access or mfoxplus. We use an mfoxplus dbase to track non i-net sales I need the customer & order info in sql dbase to go into mfoxplus d base. <BR>Can anyone help. <BR>I am a newbie & am lost. <BR>I need a raft.

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    Sreedharan Guest

    Default Use DTS...

    You can export the Data in SQL Server (I assume that you are using SQL Server, you have just specified SQL) using Data Transformation Services. There is a very nice wizard interface that will guide you along. Try it. It allows exporting to many formats, including Access, which is what you want.<BR><BR>To use DTS, right click on the table in SQL Server, the choose All Tasks --&#062; Export Data. The wizard interface will then open, and you go on from there.

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