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    I have an sql statment.<BR><BR>SQL2 = "SELECT temp FROM document" & objrec1("section")<BR>SQL2 = SQL2 & " WHERE id =" & id<BR><BR>response.write SQL2<BR><BR>objrec1("section") is a number.<BR>the error I am getting is objrec required "

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    Your SQL statement makes no sense. <BR><BR>SELECT afield FROM atable and recordsetobject WHERE ...<BR><BR>Not proper syntax

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    Reggie Guest

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    A few possible problems/suggestions:<BR><BR>-Do you actually get a value when you response.write objrec1("section")? <BR>-You may have to convery objrec1("section") to a string to concatenate it to document.<BR><BR>If all else fails try using if statements and troubleshooting from there. (i.e. if objrec1("section")=1 then SQL2="select temp from document1 WHERE id="&id end if)

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