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    wini Guest

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    Is there a linit on what is the max no. of "and " you can have in a select statement.<BR>I quering a access database and writing following statement<BR><BR>cmd5.CommandText="Select distinct val5,val4,val3, val2, val1 from testtable where val1= &#039;"& rs4("val1") &"&#039; and val2 = &#039;"& rs4("val2") &"&#039; and val3 = &#039;"& rs4("val3") &"&#039; and val4 = &#039;"& rs4("val4") &"&#039; "<BR><BR>It fails and gives following error<BR><BR>Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression<BR>

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    response.write your SQL and check for errors.<BR><BR>

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    Each statement needs to stand alone. Use your &#039;" "&#039; around each. Also, that is going to be an incredibly slow piece of code. Is there another way to get what you need?

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    I think that Access has a maximum length for a SQL statement, but it would not give you the error you are getting.<BR><BR>Try doing a response.write of you SQL statement and see what you get.

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    Replace your rs4("")s with hard values. Write it out check for syntax errors.

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