Hi all, <BR><BR>I was looking for some opinions. I have two databases - one Oracle and one SQL Server 7.0 both stored on separate servers. Both databases are used to store the same information but both are storing it in slightly different ways e.g. different fields etc. I wish to transfer data from one to the other when the user clicks a link on my site. This will not happen regularly and will involve the transfer of a large amount of data from one database to the other. <BR><BR>As I see it I have two possible options: <BR><BR>1/ Create a DTS in SQL Server and trigger this DTS from my site. <BR>2/ Write an ASP script to perform the transfer and call this from my site. <BR><BR>A couple of possible issues that I have seen arising are: <BR><BR>1. There are a large number of fields and creating the DTS with SQL Servers mapping GUI may be time consuming. <BR>2. With the script approach the user will have to wait a good while for the script to execute - the script timeout would have to be altered on the server using server.scripttimeout = X. <BR>3. For the script approach, what happens if the user clicks the browser stop button when the script is executing. Will the transfer fail or will it still run on the server. <BR>4. What happens if the server goes down during transfer - with a DTS one can set it to keep trying at regular intervals until it succeeds. I suppose that with a script approach one could set a flag in the database to indicate that transfer is being attempted as soon as the user hits the link. Another flag could be set at the very end of the script to show that the transfer has been successful. On a visit to the site one could check if the attempted flag is on and the successful flag is not - if this is the case you could rerun the script. <BR><BR><BR>Anyway, any opinions or good links would be appreciated. Has anyone here created such a system themselves, if so how did you do it? <BR><BR>Many thanks, <BR>Ross