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    My computer crashed, and all I was able to salvage from SQL was the stuff in my data folder.... THe .mdf and .ldf file for the database I was working on. Put I can't for the life of me figure out how to restore this...anyone know? Thanks!

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    ...These are the only core files you need. However, you can&#039;t simply restore them. <BR><BR>Create a database with the exact same name and users. <BR><BR>Detach the new database (update stats yes). Copy the old .mdf and .ldf files into your database files folder and overwrite the newly created database files.<BR><BR>Go back to the enterprise manager and reattach the database.<BR><BR>You will your database is back up in good shape.<BR>If you have more specific questions, post them at and I&#039;ll pick it up from there.<BR><BR>Take care...

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