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    I have an onload event that calls a javascript function which opens a popup window. The user fills in a questionnaire and the value gets inserted into a database and then the window closes. That is working fine. The problem is anytime the user goes back to the page the popup window reappears. How can I test to see if the page has already been loaded and if it has not run the onload event for the page. I was thinking session variable but not sure how or if they work in Java. thanks for your help

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    In page in asp do<BR>Check db to see if entry made for user<BR> -userid in cookie(if want to not pop up again for that user ever)<BR> -userid in session var if want to ask again next time person visits the site eg later that day<BR><BR>If no entry<BR>response.write "&#060;body onload=""makepopup()""&#062;"<BR>else<BR>response. write "&#060;body&#062;"<BR>End if

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