I&#039;m storing a customerID in a session cookie. <BR>Certain pages are not allowed access unless you are logged in, they therefore have a check on the customerID session variable that is loaded when logging in to see if it contains a value, if not I redirect to the Login.asp page. <BR><BR>I would like to be able to generate a page much like the bank sites do, where they have a page saying: <BR><BR>" I&#039;m sorry, but your session has expired. " <BR><BR>I&#039;m unsure how to go about this. <BR><BR>My thinking is that when the session expires, I no longer have identifying information (although I can read the customerid from the cookie) and so I don&#039;t know if someone is just on a page they shouldn&#039;t be when logged out (and as now redirect to login.asp with no warning), as opposed to those who have timed out and it would be nice to show a warning about that when they try to go somewhere else and not just transfer to login.asp with no explanation as to why. <BR><BR>Anyone have any experience with this kind of intuitive thing? <BR><BR>Interested, Pete<BR><BR><BR>