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    spotty Guest

    Default Flames coming from server...

    I am running a 50 GB recordset through my page and smoke and flames are coming from the back of the server.<BR><BR>Should I be worried?<BR><BR>(The flames are blue in color)

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    SteveW Guest

    Default It's normal..!

    Blue flames are normal.<BR><BR>Only worry when they turn orange.

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    Duh! Guest

    Default RE: Flames coming from server...

    No, Perfectly normal for a 50 GB recordset. If it was 20 GB or less, then you should be a little concerned.

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    I suggest...<BR><BR>1. Put the server in a cool bath.<BR>2. Check power supply is functionng.<BR>3. Get into bath<BR><BR>This normally stops complaints of this kind.

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