When viewing a report on the web, I can only do so if the data has been saved with the report. Otherwise, I get an error stating &#039;Server has not yet been opened&#039; or if I specify not to save the data with the report, I get the error "An Error has occured on the server in attempting to access the data source".<BR><BR>In order to avoid DSN&#039;s on the server, we usually use an include file which contains the connection information - for example: <BR>set Conn = "Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>Conn.O pen "Driver=SQL Server;Server=database servername;Database=database name;Trusted_Connection=yes;wsid=code server name;application=application name"<BR><BR>To create the report, I just connect to the database as through Crystal Reports but not via a DSN.<BR><BR>Can anyone help?