I&#039;m using the DataGrid control in ASP.NET. I believe it&#039;s really the most useful control, but I have some questions about it?<BR><BR>1) It seems that through the PagerStyle I can choose to have the "Previous - Next" buttons or the pages&#039; numbers to click. Can I have both <BR><BR>of them?<BR><BR>2) Again on the pager: put that I select the Prev and Next buttons, but I also want to have a label on the same line saying what page I&#039;m <BR><BR>watching, or a textbox and a button to jump to a specifica line, or something else. Can I add custom info to the standard style? I know I <BR><BR>can build a custom pager, but I don&#039;t want to do it, because in that case I would have to build everything, instead I want to keep the <BR><BR>standard style + a custom button/label etc. Is this possible?<BR><BR>3) Reading the doc I see that in addition to the UpdateCommand, CancelCommand and EditCommand there is aslo an DeleteCommand, probably to <BR><BR>delete the correspondent row. But how to use it? For editing I add an EditCommandColumn, but what do I do for the delete command?? also, it <BR><BR>would be great to have the delete and edit commands on the same column, as most of the ASP datagrid (I mean the DLL components) allow to <BR><BR>do. Possibile?<BR><BR>4) I can&#039;t see any AddCommand. I was quite surprise not to find it. There is the possibility to edit and delete (I suppose) a row, why not <BR><BR>adding a property that if set on true adds an empty row at with textboxes at the top/bottom of the grid allowing the user to add a new DB <BR><BR>item? Do I need to use an other page to do it?<BR><BR>I know that I&#039;ve post a lot of questions, but every help will be very appreciated!<BR>Regards,<BR>.netGuy, an enthusiast learner